What is a Headache?

Headache Awareness Month is almost over. For our final post of the month, let’s take a look at what headaches actually are and how they occur. Headaches result from signals between the brain, blood vessels, and nerves. Some headache sufferers believe their pain comes from the brain, but it actually comes from the nerves in […]

Types of Headaches

June is headache awareness month, so here are helpful facts about some of the different types of headaches. Cluster headaches. These headaches happen repeatedly over a period of time, called the “cluster period.” Typically, people who experience this type will have pain at the same time each year, such as in spring or fall. The […]

Help for Headaches

The best way to treat chronic headaches and migraines is to know about why they happen and what to do when your head hurts. In honor of June, which is Headache Awareness Month, here are some tips on managing headaches. See a doctor or emergency department immediately if… You have the worst headache or migraine […]

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