Headache Awareness Month is almost over. For our final post of the month, let’s take a look at what headaches actually are and how they occur. Headaches result from signals between the brain, blood vessels, and nerves. Some headache sufferers believe their pain comes from the brain, but it actually comes from the nerves in the skull, blood vessels, and head muscles. The reasons for these nerves to cause pain are not understood, but when they do we experience headaches.

People see doctors for headache treatment more than any other source of pain. Around 45 million Americans suffer from them. Most sufferers experience tension headaches or migraines. Luckily, doctors can successfully treat 85% of headaches.

There are common causes of head pain, including stress, pollution, noise, poor lighting, changes in the weather, and odors. What you eat may also cause headaches, especially alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, and foods with nitrates and MSG.

If you have a headache that needs treatment, contact your doctor. They can help you find the cause of your pain, takes steps to prevent future headaches, and make sure your pain is not a sign of something serious.

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