A pharmacy that works like an extension of your office

We help your patients take their medications as prescribed, handle prior authorizations, find discounts and copay assistance, and stay out of the hospital—so your office has more time.

Increase medication Adherence & compliance

Copay Assistance

Cold Storage

Increased Patient Compliance

When your patients don’t take their medications properly, the costs are staggering

Many patients never pick up medications—even fewer take them as you prescribed. The domino effect that follows causes your staff to be stressed, patients to be disgruntled, and ultimately hurts your practice’s reputation.

Your office deserves to work with a pharmacy that does more than just put pills in a bottle.

For many doctors, Josefs Pharmacy is the optimal partner for high-touch pharmacy support.

3 reasons doctors and their staff love sending scripts to Josefs

Josefs takes the time to educate patients

We provide weekly and monthly patient assessment calls. And if patients can’t afford their medication, we provide alternatives, coupons, a $4 list, and extended supply options to help them out.

Josefs saves your clinic time

Reduce your interruptions and administrative load. Josefs assists with copay assistance, prior authorizations, insurance denials, and contacts insurance for you.

Josefs simplifies your patient’s medication regimen

If patients are taking numerous medications we synchronize their medications (Med-Sync) to refill on the same day. We also offer Med-Packs that make knowing when to take medication simple.

Josefs takes the time to make sure your patients are healthy

Working with Josefs is easy

01. Prescribe an Rx

Fax, Call-in, or Escribe to any location. Text us if you have a quest. View locations Here

02. Your patient receives medications

Patients can pick up at one of our multiple locations or have them delivered for free. We follow-up with the patient for refills.

03. We keep you updated

Receive notifications about patient medication adherence as requested.

The best doctors deserve the best pharmacy at their side