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Is keeping track of your medications stressing you out? Meet Medpacks.

MedPacks put all of your medications in labeled, individual plastic pouches that make taking the right meds, at the right time, simple and easy.

This is expensive, right?

Not at Josefs. Unlike at other pharmacies where you pay $30 or more for this service, Josefs offers Medpacks for free.

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We pride ourselves on being a family-owned operation serving the Triangle community and state of North Carolina. Our knowledgeable, compassionate, and dedicated staff look forward to serving our community with quality pharmacy care every day. We take the time to deliver personal care with compassion. Patients see familiar staff members who work tirelessly to provide fast service, close attention, and assistance with issues such as payment. Our stores are easy to get to and close to a major hospital, but we also deliver to our patients’ homes.

Every time you visit or call one of our locations, you can expect a friendly staff ready to help you with your pharmacy needs.

Give us a call and let us show you what makes Josefs Pharmacy the choice of our patients and customers.

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