Summer brings hot temperatures that can cause trouble for anyone outside for long periods of time. Heat exhaustion is a common illness that many experience each summer. There are two types of heat exhaustion.

– The first, called water depletion, is a case of severe dehydration. Symptoms include excessive thirst, weakness, headache, and loss of consciousness.

– The second type is salt depletion, which has symptoms of nausea, muscle cramps, and dizziness.

Heat exhaustion is not as bad as heat stroke, but it can lead to heat stroke. If you or someone you are with shows symptoms of heat exhaustion, get out of the heat and cool down in an air-conditioned room. If you can’t go inside somewhere, find the nearest shady spot. Drink some cool fluids, remove any tight-fitting clothing, and use ice towels to lower your body temperature. To prevent heat exhaustion, it is recommended that you drink plenty of fluid, avoid caffeine and alcohol before being in the sun, wear loose clothing that breathes, and use fans or ice towels to keep yourself cool. If you have heat exhaustion and can’t cool down after 15 minutes of being inside, seek emergency medical help to prevent heat stroke. After you recover from heat exhaustion, your body will be more sensitive to high temperatures for about a week, so be careful when going back outside in the heat. Contact your doctor with any questions you have about ways to beat the heat.



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