Let me introduce you to Mary. She wanted to try CBD for sleep, she got so much more than better sleep.

First we have to understand a little about what quality Cannabidiol (CBD) is.

You can’t just go by the milligrams (mg) on the label.

Mary had tried CBD before, but not from a pharmacy. She said she was on 1500 mg of CBD, what she didn’t know was CBD labeling is not consistant across all companies. Some companies report the amount of CBD and some report the amount of CBD oil. Whats the difference? CBD is the active cannabinoid that so many people know and love. CBD oil on the other hand can include all kinds of other cannabinoids and the carrier oil. That means there is a big difference between the two. CBD oil might only contain 30% of the reported CBD.

Always verify before you buy.

Mary had heard things about contaminants in CBD and she was worried about lead the most. Each CBD product you buy must have a certificate of analysis to verify that it contains the stated amount of CBD, the expected amount of THC (either <0.3% or none), no pesticides, heavy metals, or other contaminants. That’s why she went to a pharmacy for her CBD products. She wanted the best and she knew her pharmacist never compromised on quality.

What form of CBD to use?

Once again her pharmacist was happy to help. Together they decided on a Full Spectrum Sublingual oil. Whats that? Full Spectrum means that in addition to CBD and other cannabinoids and terpenes, this oil also contains some THC (<0.3%). A broad spectrum oil contains only CBD and other cannabinoids and possibly very small trace amounts of THC. An Isolate contains only CBD.

How much CBD to take?

Now that Mary had her CBD she had to find her dose. CBD supports your natural endocannabinoid system, which means your body will respond to different amounts of CBD than someone else. Mary started taking 10 mg of active CBD, which is where many people start. She took it for a week and decided it was helping her at that dose, but wanted to see if it could be even better. She went up to 20 mg. Now she was sleeping better and getting better quality sleep. She tried going up to 25 mg a week later and discovered she didn’t feel as good as she did on the 20 mg, so she went back to 20 mg. Mary did what she needed to, she listend to her body and adjusted her dose to suit her needs. Keep in mind that CBD effects everyone differently and it is always best to start low and go slow.

What happened to Mary?

Mary went into the pharmacy after about 3 months to pick up another bottle of her CBD. She called her pharmacist over and told him that she had jogged down the stairs last week.

Her pharmacist was confused and said, “That’s great, I’m glad you were able to get some exercise.”

Mary smiled, “You don’t understand, I used to take the stairs one at a time, sideways, while holding the hand rail. This CBD has changed my life and helped with my arthritis that I’ve had for years.”

Her pharmacist smiled, “That’s amazing. I am so glad to hear that CBD has helped you so much. Do you mind if I tell others your story?”

Mary smiled, “Please do, everyone should get the chance at this kind of relief.” Stories like Mary’s are why Josefs pharmacists only recommend the best CBD.

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